Croisements de chemins ou folle aventure,
Simples murmures ou puissants rugissements…
Laissez-moi être le héraut
de chaque histoire de votre vie !


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 Winter is coming way to early this year... so here is an invitation to Capri to warm up my heart (and yours in the same time) !!! ❄
 #funfact ➡ Did you know that the atlas beetle is one of the strongest animal on's able to carry 4 kg on its own... For us, it would be like carrying two adults elephants + a zebra  Well... I'm not an atlas beetle, but I'll do my best to carry all my boxes up to the stairs today !
 "I learn by going where I have to go" (Roethke) #quoteoftheday A new adventure begins for us! All our house is now in  (like a lot...) It's time to move  bye bye Champagne, hello Bourgogne wine! #tchin
 I like the idea of planting seeds as a reminder of a good time - so that each flower would represent a piece of your memories : a kiss, a smile, a laugh... It would be like seeing your memories literally taking roots (but not literally)  #aujardindeflorésie
 Still have my head in the clouds today
 Meanwhile I'm still working on the next collections, here is an invitation from this summer !! #loveparis